Settlement Fee:          $725.00

Document Prep:          $95.00

Title Insurance:           based on purchase price *
(Click Here For Our Fee Calculator)

Endorsements             based on lenders requirements

Title Search                 $75.00

Recording:                  $19.00 (Deed)
Recording Mortgage    Based on number of pages of mortgage
Mortgage Taxes:        $5.50 per Thousand of Loan Amount

Settlement Fee:          $1,200.00 ($600 if Ross Title is Representing Both Buyer and Seller)
Document Prep:         $95.00
Transfer Taxes:           $7.00 per Thousand of Purchase Price


Please note these are only our fees and does include any Homeowners Association fees, Condominium fees, commission processing fees, or tax prorations.

*Title insurance rates are regulated by state insurance departments. In addition, title insurance and real estate closing practices are regulated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

State regulators in some states, including Florida, require all companies to charge the same rate for title insurance. You can view the exact cost of your closing by visiting the fee calculator on our website. The cost of a title insurance policy relative to the cost of a property transaction is about one-half to one percent of the purchase price. The premium is based on the purchase price of the property, generally determined by the value of the land plus any improvements.

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